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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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shooting unfolded in just a few minutes. a 20-year-old walked in to an elementary school and started shooting. 20 children are among the dead. it's a crime investigators are only starting to piece together. cbs reporter ines is standing by with the latest. >> i'm standing down the street from where sandy hook elementary school is located. it's a tragedy that has shocked this town. tonight parents and family members are grieving, children and adults that died in this massacre. reporter: parents and children ran from the sandy hook elementary school. the scene of unimaginable terror and unspeakable sadness. inside, 27 people were shot to death. 20 of them, children as young as 5. others saw what no child should see.
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>> i saw some of the bullets going past the hall that i was right next to, and then the teacher pulled me in to her classroom. >> reporter: police say the gunman, 20-year-old adam lanza killed his mother nancy, then drove to the school where she worked as a teacher. he entered with two semiautomatic handguns and began firing. police don't know if it was the gunman's final destination. they say he had an assault rifle in the trunk of his car. students were told to keep their eyes closed. the children were reunited with their parents at a nearby fire house. some parents heard the worst. >> 20 parents were told their children were dead . it was
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awful. >> reporter: president obama addressed the nation who was in shock. >> our hearts are broken today for the families of these young children and for the families of the adults that were lost. >> reporter: police questioned the gunman's brother, ryan lanza, who lives in new jersey, but so far there's no word of a motive. in sandy hook there's no end to the sorrow. >> they held a vigil earlier this evening at a local church and counselors were in the area throughout the day. many people feel this town will never be the same again. >> here's what else we've learned. adam lanza was carrying two semiautomatic hand guns, a sig sauer and a glock handgun. all three guns were bought legally and registered to his mother. authorities also
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recovered three other guns. lanza was an honor student who according to an official may have suffered from a personality disorder. his mother was a kindergarten teacher at the school. one parent says she was a substitute there, even though her name is not on a staff list. the shooter was wearing blacks, fatigues, and a military vest and didn't utter a word. randy page talked to a former fbi profiler about what may have been going through his mind. >> something happened in his life, a stressor, that caused him to go over the edge. >> reporter: former fbi profiler says mass murders often have second thoughts before they kill their first victim. >> the killing becomes the point of no return, where he goes forward. >> reporter: his murder of his mother may have set the 20-year-old off on his plan to commit the others, knowing the last life he'd take would be his
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own. >> he was looking for people that hurt him, to be hurt. and that would of course have been his mother, the children that she's responsible for, could be a jealousy aspect there that she loves them more than she loved me. she pays more attention to them than she paid to me. and if i'm going to die today, i'm going to not only hurt her physically, i'm going to hurt her in a way that is unthinkable. >> reporter: he says there are lessons to be learned here. >> people have to get out of the mentality that this could never happen to me. or this could never happen here, because it's never happened. it can happen anywhere. and so we have to be vigilant. we have got to be aware. we've got to have the courage to alert the authorities, even if that notification might bring us in
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to the path of some of that violence. >> late tonight lanza's aunt spoke out. she said her nephew was raised by nurturing parents who would not have hesitated to seek mental help for him if he needed it. >> when you hear the stories, your heart has to go out to the kids. some are so small, as young as 5 years old. they described their terror towering in the classrooms. a 6-year-old boy said he grabbed a couple of his friends and ran out the door. soon after the first shots rang out, a janitor ran through the halls, making sure classroom doors were locked from the inside. one teacher barricaded her 15 1st grade students in the bathroom and reassured them that the good guys would be there soon, and promised them they'd be able to celebrate christmas and hanukkah, not to worry. another teacher read to her kindergarten class to try to keep them calm.
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>> she had to close the blinds, and she had to shut off the lights. >> even though they survived, hundreds of students did not come out unscathed. sharon on the repercussions they could face down the road and a piece of advice for every bay area parent. >> they were immediately crying, petrified of what happened. >> reporter: police told children to close their eyes as they walked to safety but it didn't shield them from the terror. >> scary, but you're okay, right? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: san francisco chid psychologist dr. laura davies says don't expect the young children who went through it to talk about their fear. it may show up in symptoms like posttraumatic stress disorder like anxiety, sleeplessness. >> they may start acting out, refuse to go to bed, they might
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refuse to eat, pick fight with their friends. just things that aren't typical of them. >> reporter: the national center for ptsd says more than 3/4s of students who witness a school shooting may develop symptoms. one study shows 10% could still feel the effects eight months later. some children may be psychotherapy and medication. all will need loving support. >> our job as a community is to help them feel okay being vulnerable and to feel okay expressing their feelings so they don't shut down. they are going to be having nightmares. they are going to be nervous. and they are going to have a hard time trusting people. >> reporter: some connecticut parents report their children are asking when will this happen again? davies urges parents to assure the kids they're in charge in keeping them safe in a structured environment. >> the more things are regular and predictable for the kids, the better. >> davies says young children should not see media coverage of the shootings because kids can
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suffer from ptsd just from watching traumatic events. schools are offering counseling on monday. >> vigils large and small happened in various places across the country today. this was the scene in walnut creek earlier tonight where about a dozen people came together in the small connecticut town where this all happened, a service at a local catholic church was filled to capacity. hundreds more people were outside, some of them holding hands and saying prayers. and in washington, d.c., hundreds of people packed the white house lawn, holding up candles at an impromptu vigil. >> today's tragedy has a lot of people wondering if it's time for tougher gun control. according to a new survey, usa poll, almost 3/4s of bay area adults say laws for gun sales should be stricter. but is public sentiment strong enough to change the law? here's cbs 5 reporter grace lee. >> i know there's not a parent
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in america who doesn't feel the same overwhelming grief that i do. >> reporter: it was an emotional president obama who faced the nation today. it was also a rare moment, perhaps a turning point in presidential policy for federal gun control. >> we're going to have to come together and take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of the politics. >> it is an obvious and perfectly appropriate emotional response to say something's got to be done. >> reporter: uc berkeley criminal law professor believes the american people will also have a change in public sentiment. a call for gun control. but he does not believe it will last long enough to change actual law. >> the only time when most citizens worry about things like assault weapons is in the middle of a mass shooting episode. >> reporter: he says when a
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mass shooting occurs, gun control is called for. but after the hype dies down, the opponents gain traction because they care vehemently and fight long-term. >> the intensity of the opponents' control will outweigh the mild support that the rest of the population might feel. >> reporter: in 1999, during the columbine shooting, 39 people were killed or injured. the next year, a public policy institute of california polls showed 62% of californians wanted stricter gun control. just before the oikos shooting in oakland of april of this year, that support dropped to 53%. >> and it's not your imagination. the number of mass shootings has gone up dramatically in recent history. this year alone we've had seven incidents where four or more
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people have been killed in a single episode. coming up, for the second time in a week, the big logo switch at the university of california. >> a secret gold mine and the bay area teacher who just inherited it. >> what's with all the camels roaming around? >> all of the sudden it feels a lot like winter around here in the bay area. check out the temperatures already well in to the 30s. couple degrees above freezing for livermore and santa rosa. we'll talk about how cold we get tonight and how long we'll have the rain showers. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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presence around schools. oakland, fremont >> the violence in connecticut caused several bay area police departments to step up their presence around schools. oakland, fremont, san leandro and palo alto police all increased school patrols. san francisco police have resource officers on campus. they say they're double checking school safety plans. it's not something anyone wants to imagine, but what are you supposed to do if a gunman walks on to your campus or in to your office? three words that are crucial to survive.
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>> reporter: it's a worst case scenario reenactment. a gunman walks in to an office and methodically opens fire. the video created by the city of houston with the department of homeland security grant trains people to flee a shooting scene, prevent a shooter from finding you, and as a last resort, fight back. >> you always believe it's not going to happen here. >> reporter: dr. bobby lambert knows better. a workplace psychologist she handled the aftermath of one of the major mass shootings of our time, the 93 massacre at 101 street in san francisco. since then she says mass shootings have become down right common place. >> we're seeing more of it and i think it's more of our culture today in a way that it never had been. >> reporter: it's why lambert advocates live shooter training at schools and work places, like this one at a south san francisco school a few years
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ago, one man acting as a shooter and students and teacher taking cover. >> it helps them like a fire drill. so if there is a fire or a shooter in the building, you know where to go and hide. >> reporter: she says from reports, it's clear the teachers reacted swiftly, hiding children in closets and classrooms and leading them out of the school and in to a nearby fire department, moves that likely saved lives. >> from what i'm hearing they did a really incredible, incredible job. >> we have continuing coverage of the tragedy in connecticut on our website. just go to there's other news to talk about tonight. a driver has been arrested after a deadly car crash that killed three people near redwood city this evening. it happened on northbound 280. chp says a lexus pulled over because of mechanical problems and it was struck by another
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passing car that was reportedly speeding. that crash brought the evening commute to a standstill. look at the backup this evening. it was reopened at about 7:00 but not after traffic was backed up at least 10 miles from the crash site. first they defended, then they relented. the uc system decided to drop the new logo. the logo received swift and brutal criticism. uc officials have decided to suspend its use indefinitely. the old seal, the one students and alumni properly resonates with the university's prestige and values will prevail. a treasure worth its weight in gold is going to a san rafael woman. >> the woman is the only living relative of the original owner of the gold. a carson city man who died earlier this year had it. the gold was worth over $7 million, had it stashed in his house. it was found when his house was being cleared for
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sale. >> i've never seen that much gold in my life or coins that old. >> since the discovery numerous people have been trying to claim that fortune. check out those coins. the clerk recorder says none of the people who stepped forward had any evidence they were family members. from gold to gray. it's definitely getting very ch. very winter. >> if we had to summarize the forecast in one word i think you've actually found it. gray. a little bit of rain but not that much rain. it will be gray about every day for the next week. we'll do a very excellent seattle, washington impersonation. for some of you the coldest day of the year, 53 redwood city. napa, 51. oakland, the warm spot, if you o call it that, 56 degrees. concord, the coldest day you've had since last year.
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lows tonight, widespread 30s. fremont, 35. mountain view, 37. cold in napa and santa rosa. even san francisco, 43. let's take you to walnut creek where folks were doing christmas shopping tonight. they were bundled up. the jackets were out. so were the shopping bags because we had the shoppers and the cold. we have the dry right now on high def doppler radar. by tomorrow afternoon, here comes the next wave of low pressure giving us another chance of rain. pattern changes will be with us for the next seven to 10 days. that pattern change is low pressure to the north and west, grabbing arctic air and shoving it in to northern california. it's not going to change for a while. you'll get showers here and there. no flooding concerns. temperatures will be running bea long time. likely all the way to
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christmas. highs in the 50s. rain chances over the weekend, . more chances coming up next week. only 55 for santa clara and san jose. 53 for pleasant hill. 52 for vallejo. san francisco, only 54 degrees p tomorrow. scattered showers, saturday, sunday. a better chance of widespread rain monday and tuesday. no break from the rain until wednesday. winter starts a week from today. winter is here right now. you're a fan of winter. >> i like it. it's good this time of year. coming up, a holiday display like no other in one bay area city. what happens when the star was a no- show? ,,,,,,,,,, you won't take my life.
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you won't take our future. aids affects us all. even babies. chevron is working to stop mother-to-child transmission. our employees and their families are part of the fight. and we're winning. at chevron nigeria, we haven't had a reported case in 12 years. aids is strong. aids is strong. but we are stronger. and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪
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is the perfect choice for holiday gatherings. martinelli's is non-alcoholic, festive like champagne, and tastes great! martinelli's: since 1868. in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. anything you've ever seen. cbs 5 reporter juliette gooh takes us to the new bay area bethlehem. > > nats : "action " >> it's a holiday show unlike you've ever seen. >> the new bay area bethlehem. >> reporter: living bethlehem r
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more, the city as it was 2,000 years ago. >> more than 250 volunteers and actors reenacting the nativity story. joseph and mary entered on donkey. >> everything is kept orderly fashioned because we will throw people in the dungeon. >> reporter: joseph and mary have no place to stay. the table where their baby is born, production crews busy behind the scenes. >> our baby jesus was running late. >> reporter: luckily 4-month-old wesley's parents in the crowd volunteered their son. >> wile we were walking in, someone came in behind us and said do you want your baby to be baby jesus? we said sure. >> reporter: many residents int off guard seeing camels and donkeys running
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around. this is a camel that's 17 years old. he came from idaho. he'll be here in living bethlehem through monday night. and then he goes back home. thanks, merlin. five shows a ne possible through donation. a three and a half year dream come true. >> where everyone can come and enjoy the true spirit of what christmas is really about. >> reporter: when the production is over, the entire city will be taken apart and stored until next christmas. >> nba, your golden state warriors, could they, would they? love and loathe them. we're drawn toward anything he s on facing his old team, the patriots. ,,,,
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radar anymore... ...not aft straight wins, all on the road... h curry and davi >> nba, the warriors are no longer flying under the league radar anymore. not five straight wins, all on the road. trying to run down a sixth
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straight win at the expense of orlando. lee had a double-double. knocked down that jumper. warriors down by one early. damage done by j.j. redick and the bench, one of his four 3-balls. they led by 14 in the 1st half. warriors answer with curry. golden state within three. from the end of the 1st half on, all magic. 17-4 run, glen davis, no stopping him. magic up 16 and buy us as much as 20. this ridiculous shot by reddick to end the 3rd. oh, forget about it. golden state's win streak comes to an end. magic win. randy moss set to take on his old team the patriots this sunday in foxborough. moss played with new england for three-plus seasons catching 50 touchdowns, 23 in his first year
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there. moss says his experience with the patriots are not going to do his 49ers team any good. >> bill belichick is a so-called genius. he changes it up every week. there's not much input i can give for the week. i say just have your head on a swivel and be ready for anything. coming off a money like game against a so-called best team in the league. they really embarrassed them. i don't think we want to be that team that gets embarrassed on national television. >> 9ers, patriots, that's going to be a show. football goes for open division title number four in a row when they play centennial tomorrow night. we give bob lattisser his 399th. one of the top rated quarterbacks in the nation is committed to play at cal. he says he'll still be
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a bear now that sunny dikes has replaced head coach. >> it was a little rough at first when i found out he got fired. he was a great guy. i loved him as a coach. it's devastating at first and then you take a step back and say wow, the guys won't be there. the new staff they're bringing in is top notch. they're on their game. it's going to be a fun four years. >> from quarterback jerry goff as we toss to a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> have a great weekend. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. t... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs >> i'm ale an kalter, and now
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